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  • Olivia,

    Thank you for the professional service. It was a pleasure working with you.

    Gary H.

    Manager | Security Services

  • Thank you all for helping to coordinate the recalibration project and I would like to especially thank Rue for the great job she did. Rue was prompt, efficient and was flexible with the scope of the project since we had renamed and relocated many sensors. It was a pleasure working with her and I hope she'll be assigned to JSUMC when we're ready for the next project.

    Michael W.

    RPh  BCSCP

  • Thank you, Val, for all your hard work, your patience in waiting for staff to guide you or trying to find missing sensors! I am so very grateful for your expertise and would consider it a privilege if we are able to get you next year!

    Lovely J.

    Point of Care Lead

  • Thank you, Val, for all your hard work, your patience in waiting for staff to guide you or trying to find missing sensors! I am so very grateful for your expertise and would consider it a privilege if we are able to get you next year!

    Maryam S.

  • It was an absolute pleasure working with Mark and Lynnae. Marks professionalism is much appreciated and familiarity with the facility is extremely helpful. Thanks again for making the calibration process a success!

    Jimmy R.

    Lead Engineer

  • Tim, Thank you to your team for the quick turn around and getting these sensors installed so fast. Ms. Miller did a fantasy job, she was very thorough, making sure each sensor was setup properly and going to the proper notification groups. She was very knowledge and was able to answer all questions that the staff had. Thank you for your professionalism and we look forward to working with your staff in the future.

    Kenneth C.

    POC Supervisor

  • Just wanted to let you guys know that Xeno came out today this morning. Everything calibrated. He was efficient and courteous. He obviously knows his stuff. Would love to have him come out again if needed. Thanks again for fitting me in on such short notice.


    POC Supervisor

  • Hello Cassandra,
    We really appreciate your professionalism and product knowledge. We are currently looking into some of the system expansion ideas' and hope to implement them in the near future. Please let your team know how thankful we are for completing something of this scope that had absolutely zero patient of service impact.
    Thank You

    Charles C.

    Chief Engineer

  • Hi FCS Team, Last week we had a challenging install and I wanted to pass along what a great job Olivia did to complete the install on time. The customer had many IT issues that prevented communication (21 base stations) and Olivia worked thru each issue and resolved. She wrapped up the week with 100% communication.

    Jennifer J.

    Project Manager

  • Thank you so much to the FCS team for working through this large batch of calibrations so efficiently. We are in much better standing now for next week’s onsite inspection!

    Shawn E.

    Technical Specialist Coordinator

  • Hi Olivia,
    This isn’t the first time we have had customers comment about you work. But the Emory Research area is a very complex environment and for them to point out your work and the experience they have with you goes a long ways.

    Tim G.

    Healthcare Channel Director – East

  • Thank you everyone for your support and planning this project. Mark, I am grateful for your kind words and your devotion to the work that you do. My clients always look forward to seeing you. I am glad you were able to make it here safely. I am wishing you safe travels on your way today.  I appreciate each of you. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Melody P.

  • Hey Sarah, I would like to thank you for your wonderful work and your great personality. You are definitely an asset to your company. Wonderful work!

    Thanks Maryam for your help and a special thanks to you Sarah for doing such a great job! Much appreciated....

    Bill S.

  • I also wanted to thank Kevin- it was a pleasure to work with him! He did a great job, demonstrated patience, and was able to help us with those sensors that we missed during our pre-planning! I also appreciate the Temptrak team fitting us into their very busy schedule so that we could have our calibrations in time for our inspection.

    Maria A.

    Director of Pharmacy Service
  • Thank you for all of the help in getting these Lumity Data Loggers over to us in short order and for helping us sort out what we would be needing to complete the job. Massive kudos to Olivia for her efforts in getting our ancient Buffer device configured for our subnet change to the new VLAN we are using and for her organizational skills keeping the various pieces of hardware together. Further, thank you for the quick on the spot training for creating the humidity monitoring profile Olivia! Previously I had been able to keep the lights on so to speak but now I have a better knowledge of the profile’s inner workings.

    Alan D.

    IT Analyst III
  • It was a pleasure working with Mark and a sincere thank you for all who helped make this update go as smoothly as possible.

    Laszlo K.

    Pharmacist, Inpatient Pharmacy
  • Once again, fantastic job in completing this round of calibrations. It is always a pleasure to work with you and your team. Its amazing how quickly and efficiently your team gets in and completes the scope of work.

    GREG A.

    Supervisor BMET IS
  • Thank you so much for coming out and getting our sensors recalibrated!!! It was great working with you too, and hopefully we get to see you next year!!!


    IS Applications Analyst
  • First, I am so grateful to have David service our region. What an incredible gentleman.


    Outpatient Pharmacy Quality Specialist
  • Thank you for letting us know that the TempTrak sensor has been successfully installed in the Ultra-Low freezer. We appreciate your efforts in re-calibrating the probe and ensuring that it is ready for use. It's great to hear that Harley provided the necessary guidance and equipment for the installation. Your dedication to ensuring the accuracy and reliability of our equipment is truly commendable. Thank you.


    Business Operations Manager
  • I would like to start off by saying that Kevin, the technician, was on site yesterday and was of great help! The nurses, leadership team, and our Director were all really grateful for his assistance, knowledge and professionalism.


    HMHN Jersey Shore Family Practice
  • Thank you for the great job your team does!

    Derek A.

    Service Manager